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Jordan’s Potential seen fromKorea’s experience

The Jordanian Korean Friendship Association (JKFA) held a business dinner on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the Landmark Hotel. H.E. Ambassador Lee Bom-yon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanwas the distinguished Speaker to the Association’s monthly professional activities, who talked about “Jordan’s Potential seen fromKorea’s Experience”.


The audience was from the members of the JKFA and their friends and from the Korean community in Jordan. H.E. Mr. Sami Gammoh, Ex- Minister of Industry and Trade attended this event and appraised the Korean example and wondered if it can be applied in Jordan. H.E. Mr. Roger Davis, Chief Representative of UNRWA in Jordan was among the attendees.


H.E. Ambassador Lee talked about his foreign service since 1983 and the acquaintance of Korea in Jordan through the Korean TV series as “Misaeng” and the Korean presence in Jordan through projects like power stations, nuclear research reactor, KOICA…etc. He appreciated the Jordanian Korean Friendship Association activities in Jordan since establishment in 1982 and he is looking to establishing the Korean Jordanian Business Council this year.


H.E. Mr. Lee, spoke also about the Miracle on the Han River and how Korea has developed after the Korean War (1950~1953) and the Driving factors behindthe Miracle like:Education and Human Resources, Leadership and Bureaucrat’s devotion, National Development Strategy, Investment on R&D, Foreign aids and remittance from Korean expatriates and the Korean language “Hangeul”.